Murder on the Menu was founded by Bruce Henry, a Canadian born entrepreneur who came to Ireland in 2009. When he and his friends were planning a night out together in October 2012, they were left disappointed by the choice of options for alternative entertainment. Bruce suggested a murder mystery dinner theatre, but no one had even heard of such a thing! Spotting an opportunity to bring this alternative type of entertainment to Galway, Bruce started Murder on the Menu in early 2013 and hasn’t looked back since.

Having performed with this type of show in Canada for over 6 years, Bruce has ample experience as a performer, director, comedian and story teller. He does all he can to ensure every show goes off without a hitch and every guest enjoys both their meal and the night’s performance. He has a passion for theatre, performing arts, and making people laugh and he understands the importance of providing great service and a memorable experience at good value.

Since our inception the company has changed in many ways. We’re more involved in the hen party planning business and corporate team building.

Our Success So Far…

When we first began performing our signature murder mystery dining experience in July 2013, we started with one show and a cast of 5. Since that time we’ve grown our cast of professional actors to 20 and have developed a number of new services to accommodate our private and corporate customers.

In 2014 we launched:

  • A new murder mystery game specifically designed for Hen Parties entitled “Hen Parties & Heartbreak” suited for 15+ guests. In this game, the hens become the characters in a pre-written modern story. Learn more…
  • As the success of our hen party game continued to grow, we developed a series of murder mystery games designed for private parties such as birthday’s, anniversary’s, at home dinner parties or any occasion where friends get together for a fun evening! Guests can now choose from one of our exciting themes ranging from 1920’s Great Gatsby to 1980’s American themed Prom party! Learn more…
  • We’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of really great and progressive companies here in Ireland that wanted to pair a great night out with a team building exercise. Our murder mysteries do just that as they mix up the group, break up the clic’s and gets the attendees actively listening and communicating with one another. Learn more…

As of 2017, we successfully completed over 500 murder mystery parties including 440 hen parties! That’s over 8500 happy hens from all over Ireland!

Whatever you’re planning, we have an entertainment option that’ll be sure to leave everyone dying with laughter! Contact us today to find out more!

With sincerest thanks,

Bruce Henry
Lead Detective, Murder on the Menu

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Contact Info

Murder on the Menu
40 An Larnach, Bohemore, Galway City

By Phone:
085 7821753


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